Sovihep V 12 Weeks

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Drug profile

Sovihep V contains fixed dose combination medicine like sofosbuvir and Velpatasvir.

Sovihep V is an oral used tablet, for severe chronic hepatitis C viral infection.

Sovihep V tablet containing 400mg of sofosbuvir and 100mg of Velpatasvir. Sovihep V tablets are used as single dose for 12 weeks

Prescribing information of Sovihep V for 12 weeks

The prescribing advice of Sovihep V for the patients;

Sovihep V is involved in the conditions such as;

In the treatment of chronic hepatitis C viral infection associated with genotype I, II, III, IV, V or VI. It may used in two conditions like;

  1. Patients without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis (child Pugh A)
  2. Patients with decompensated cirrhosis (child Pugh B or C), concurrently used with ribavirin

Trade name: Sovihep V

Active components: Sofosbuvir & Velpatasvir

Strength of the components: 400mg & 100mg

Mfg: Zydus hepatica

Package: 28 tablets in a container

Category: Anti-hepaciviral drugs

Mechanism of Sovihep V for 12 weeks

Sovihep V has sofosbuvir & Velpatasvir, in which sofosbuvir is consider as nucleotide associated with HCV NS5B polymerase prohibitor, whereas Velpatasvir is consider as NS5A prohibitor

Mechanism involved in this two components are includes as;


Sofosbuvir is a directly acting anti-viral drug, NS5B RNA dependent RNA polymerase. This enzyme is required for hepatitis viral replication; sofosbuvir is a prodrug which endures into intracellular metabolism to form pharmacologically active metabolite known as uridine triphosphate GS-461203.

This metabolite is inserted into hepatitis C viral RNA by NS5B polymerase and acts as chain terminator.

Velpatasvir is a NS5A prohibitor, a protein responsible for viral production


The peak plasma time of sofosbuvir reaches within 0.5 to 1 hour and Velpatasvir occurs within 3 hours

The effect of food with Sovihep V is determined as;

With moderate meal compared to fasted state: sofosbuvir increased to 60% & Velpatasvir increased to 34%

With high fat meal: sofosbuvir increased to 78% & Velpatasvir increased to 21%


In Sovihep V, human plasma protein bounding capacity with sofosbuvir occurs at 61 to 65% & Velpatasvir >99.5%

The blood plasma ratio of sofosbuvir is 0.7 & Velpatasvir is 0.52 to 0.67


Sovihep V is metabolized highly in liver. The metabolism of sofosbuvir occurs with the help of cathepsin A, CES1, HINT1 & Velpatasvir is metabolized by various cytochrome isoenzymes like CYP2B6, CYP2C8 & CYP3A4


The major route of elimination of;

Sofosbuvir is occurred through 8% in urine and 14% in feces; Velpatasvir 0.4% in urine & 94% in feces as an unchanged form

The terminal half life period of Sovihep V tablet;

Sofosbuvir: 0.51 hours

Velpatasvir: 15 hours

When to take the Sovihep V tablet 12 weeks

Sovihep V tablet is used as a single dose; it should be taken with or without food

Sovihep V is continued for 12 weeks for improved healing

Dosage regimens of Sovihep V for 12 weeks

Before starting the therapy, patient must examine by measuring hepatitis B antigen & hepatitis B core antibody, to avoid the reaction of HBV infection

The recommended dosage of Sovihep V is one tablet should be taken as a single dose for 12 weeks

The recommended dosage regimen in HCV associated with genotype I, II, III, IV, V or VI

In new patients & already treated patients without cirrhosis and with compensated cirrhosis:

The recommended dosage is one tablet of Sovihep V followed for 12 weeks with or without food

In new or already treated patients with child Pugh B or C (decompensated cirrhosis):

The recommended dosage of Sovihep V tablet is one tablet should be combined with ribavirin and followed for 12 weeks

Dosage adjustment should not be followed in both renal and hepatic impaired patients

The dosage of ribavirin is recommended on the basis of body weight of the patients;

Less than 75kg: 1000mg per day

At least 75kg: 1200mg per day

In pediatric patients, safety and efficacy has not been established

Sovihep V caused side effects

Sovihep V tablets are taken for the period of 12 weeks, in this condition some adverse effects occurs includes as;





Reactivation of HBV infection occurred in HBV/HIV-1 co infected patients

Bradycardia occurs severely in case of concomitant with amiodarone



Elevation of lipase level

Asymptomatic creatine kinase elevation

Increasing bilirubin level occurred in 12 weeks therapy

After therapy, cardiac disorders occurs

Skin rashes, sometimes angioedema like inflammated angioedema

Drug interaction

Sovihep V is a substrate of P-gp & BCRP transporters, Sovihep V concurrently used with P-gp inducers or potent inducers of CYP2B6 or CYP3A4 (rifampin, st. Johns wort) causes decreasing in plasma concentration of Sovihep V and thus leads to decrease the therapeutic effect of Sovihep V

Velpatasvir is an P-gp & BCRP drug transporter inhibitor, whereas concomitant use of Sovihep V with these drugs may have chance to cause increasing the exposure of these drugs

Sovihep V not co administered with acid reducing drugs, because it may cause decreasing the effect of concentration of Velpatasvir

Amiodarone combined with Sovihep V tablets, causes serious bradycardia

Digoxin with Sovihep V causes increasing the exposure of digoxin

If Sovihep V tablet combined with anti-cancer drug this may cause increasing the effect of concentration of these drugs

Sovihep V tablet with anti-convulsants like carbamazepine, phenytoin or Phenobarbital causes decreasing the exposure of Sovihep V

If Sovihep V concomitant with HMG CoA reductase inhibitors causes increasing the exposure of these drugs

Sovihep V tablets concurrently used with herbal products like st. Johns wort causes depleting the effect of concentration of Sovihep V

Food drug interaction

Food does not interact with Sovihep V tablets, but herbal product like st. Johns wort combined with Sovihep V causes decreasing the therapeutic effect of Sovihep V

Possible contraindications of Sovihep V for 12 weeks

Sovihep V tablets causes hypersensitivity reactions in some patients who are contraindicated to the component present in Sovihep V tablet

In chronic condition, Sovihep V combined with ribavirin followed for 12 weeks, in such condition ribavirin is contraindicated to pregnancy condition

Safety measures

During or after the therapy, some adverse effects may occurs

Serious symptomatic bradycardia occurs while combining with amiodarone, to avoid this problem patient must counsel about the risk of bradycardia, or substitute viable therapy has been taken

There is a chance of reduction of therapeutic effect of Sovihep V while combining with P-gp inducers

Serious fetal abnormality occurs while concomitant use with ribavirin

Pregnancy and lactation in Sovihep V12 weeks

Sovihep V tablet used alone for acute condition, pregnancy condition is B1; safe to use

Whereas in decompensated cirrhosis, pregnancy condition is categorized as X due to combination with ribavirin. Ribavirin is contraindicated in pregnancy condition

Storage and handling

Sovihep V tablet container should be stored at room temperature below 30oC (86oF)

Container should be keep away from heat, light and moisture

Missed dose

Sovihep V is a prescription medicine; it should not be used without valid prescription

If patient fail to take the dose of Sovihep V tablet, must consult with physician and take the dose as soon as possible

Otherwise the missed dose should be skipped and follow the regular dosing schedule

Over dosage

The over dosage of Sovihep V for 12 weeks should not have definite antidote, if it occurs the patients must be investigate with the occurrence of toxicity.

The clinical status of the patients who are affected with over dose should be periodically monitored

The another method of treating the over dosage of Sovihep V is hemodialysis, to expels the excess amount of components present in Sovihep V with an eradication co efficient of 53%; whereas Velpatasvir is highly bound to human plasma protein and it is difficult to remove

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