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  • Brand Name Lenangio
  • Strength 10mg
  • Active substance Lenalidomide

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Lenangio 10mg has existed to the anticancer drug which includes Lenalidomide as active stuff which becomes to thalidomide similarity. Lenangio 10mg is used to the disease action by connecting with dexamethasone. Lenangio 10mg consists of some other pharmacological being active like immunomodulatory & anti-angiogenesis. Lenangio 10mg is a medical cure that can only use under the administration of medical oncologists.


The indications of Lenangio 10mg are;

Lenangio has been combined with dexamethasone is determined to treat the patients go through from various myeloma

 Lenangio is determined for the patients having transfer-reliant anemia because of transitional 1 risk myelodysplastic syndrome along with removal 5q cytogenetic flaw without or without addition cytogenetic deviation.

 Lenangio is used to delight the patients with mantle cell lymphoma in which it used who’s the disease was a regression or proceed after two before treatment, exceptionally the disease not reaction with the bortezomib analysis.


Lenangio 10mg involves in the vigilance of tumor and factor alpha adjustment, that support the T-cells and leads to decrease plasma levels of cytokines vascular endothelial development factor and fundamental fibroblast progress factor.

Lenangio 10mg is additionally intended with the prevention of angiogenesis.

Lenalidomide has additionally enabled the G1 cell cycle to conquer and apoptosis of ruinous cells.

Absorption: consumed immediately with peak plasma combination is between 0.625 and 1.5 hrs. combining with food will not change the prolong of consumption but a dose decrease in Cmax.

Distribution: prance of plasma protein is 30%

Metabolism: principally metabolized in two metabolites is hydroxy-lenalidomide and N-acetyl-lenalidomide.

Elimination: mainly eradicate in renal route and the dose secrete via urine 90% and feces 4% and the half-life is 3hrs


The adult common dose of Lenangio 10mg in myelodysplastic syndromes is 10mg and execute once a day.

For renal injury patients

CrCl >60ml/min In Patients should not desire dosage improvement of Lenangio

CrCl 30 to 60ml/min In Patients, 5mg of Lenangio should attend orally as once daily

CrCl <30ml/min In-Patient, 2.5mg of Lenangio should be likely orally as a once daily.

Dosage variation


Drops to <50000/mcL, treatment should be disrupted.

Back to > or equal to 50000/mcL, follow the Lenangio of 5mg per day.


Drops to <500/mcL, treatment should be deferred.

Back to > or equal to 500/mcL, the cure should be followed to 5mg per day.

Multiple myelomas

In this disease, the contributing use of dexamethasone with Lenangio.

The proper dose of Lenangio is 25mg should be likely as once in a day on day 1 to 21.

The dose of dexamethasone

 Dexamethasone 40mg should be extended on day 1 to 4, 9 to 12 & 17 to 20 of each period of 28-day cycles.

Patients with greater than 75 years, dexamethasone 20mg should be recommended on day 1, 8, 15, & 22.

Mantle cell lymphoma

The familiar dose of Lenangio for this disease is 25mg should be likely orally as once daily.

For renal injury patients

CrCl 30 to 60ml/min in the patient, Lenangio 10mg should be likely as once daily.

CrCl <30ml/min in patients, Lenangio 15mg should be used for q48hr.


The immunity & ability of Lenalidomide has not been depicted in pediatric patients with age of <18 years.


•             Second primary malignancies

•             Hepatotoxicity

•             Hypersensitivity reactions

•             Thyroid dysfunction

•             Fetal toxicity

•             Hematological toxicity

•             Tumor lysis syndrome

•             Tumor flare reactions

•             growth of mortality rate

Common side effects

•             Diabetes mellitus

•             brash

•             Insomnia

•             bleakness

•             Deep vein thrombosis

•             Myocardial infarction

•             Renal failure

•             Squamous cell carcinoma

•             Basal cell carcinoma

•             tiredness

•             Asthenia

•             Pyrexia

•             Pain

•             Diarrhea

•             Dyspepsia

•             Bone pain

•             Neck pain

•             Respiratory infections

•             UTI

•             plague

•             Sepsis

•             Headache

•             Anemia

•             Loss of appetite

•             Hypokalemia

•             Hyperglycemia

•             Hypocalcemia

•             Dehydration

•             taste


When pregnancy stage the medicine is belie

The patients are contraindicated to the hypersensitivity feeling and the Lenangio 10mg factor.


  • Some of the common life-sinister action like
  • Venous & arterial thromboembolism
  • Blood clotting effects
  • Embryo-fetal injury
  • Hypersensitivity feeling
  • Hematological disease
  • For all these conditions, some spare measures should be used and require safety measures.


A synergy of Lenangio 10mg with digoxin leads to the raised combination of digoxin causes an elevated risk of unfortunate effects relevant to digoxin.

A synergy of Lenangio 10mg with Erythropoietic agents, cause to produced rises in the risk of thrombosis. Discuss with the patients before starting this combination treatment.

A synergy of Lenangio 10mg with warfarin will produce increased exposure to hemorrhage disorders. check the INR value & prothrombin time.



Pregnancy type X

Lenangio 10mg will produce severe fetal injury leads to death


While on Lenangio treatment, Breastfeeding should not be approved


The drug reserved at 20oC to 25oC

Store the canister from light

Protect away from humidity & heat.


The missed dose of Lenangio 10mg should be evaded.

If missed dose founded, then patients should be consultative with a doctor specialized in an oncologist

Regulate the common dosing schedule.


Overdosage of Lenangio 10mg will cause neutropenia & thrombocytopenia as primarily common side effects.

Give the patient accepted supportive treatment.

check the blood cells counts frequently during the treatment.

  • Lenangio
  • 10mg
  • Lenalidomide
  • 10 capsules
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