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Daclatasvir is a FDA endorsed item for the ceaseless hepatitis C viral contamination treatment, utilized as a part of mix with other hostile to viral medications, not utilized alone

Daclatasvir is delegated a hostile to viral or hepatitis C viral NS5A protein inhibitor

Different brands accessible for Daclatasvir as takes after;

Hepcdac Cipla

Natdac Natco

Dactovin Strides

Hepcfix Dr.Reddy’s

Dacihep Zydus

Daclahep Hetero

Mydekla Mylan

Dalsiclear Abbott

Drug profile

Daclatasvir tablets are hostile to viral compound valuable in the treatment of ceaseless hepatitis C viral contamination caused by genotypes III

Daclatasvir is a solitary measurements treatment, utilized as a part of blend not the only one

Daclatasvir targets HBV NS5A to smother the viral increase; it is material in the quality of 60mg


Active ingredients: Daclatasvir

Strength: 60MG

Classification: Anti-viral agent


Prescribing information of Daclatasvir

The fundamental sign of Daclatasvir, where it has endorsed as often as possible for;

Interminable hepatitis C viral disease caused by genotype III

Daclatasvir is exceedingly powerful against HCV genotype III; there is no proceed with symptoms happen

One of the real weaknesses happen in Daclatasvir treatment; while consolidating with sofosbuvir there is a shot of decreasing virological reaction in HCV genotype III patients

Mechanism of Daclatasvir

The component of activity engaged with Daclatasvir is exceptionally straightforward; it is NS5A inhibitor, a protein which is fundamental for hepatitis C viral creation.

Daclatasvir after digestion happens; it displays NS5A inhibitory movement against Hepatitis C infection and causes end of viral creation and conglomeration of virion gathering


Absorption of Daclatasvir occurs very quickly; by reaching peak plasma concentration time within 2 hours after drug administration.

Mean oral bioavailability: 67%



Human plasma protein bound of Daclatasvir is reaches approximately at 99%

Volume of distribution 47L



Daclatasvir is a CYP3A substrate, which is responsible for metabolism



The route of elimination;

Feces: 88%; Urine: 6.6%

Half life period of Daclatasvir is relatively occurred at 12 to 15 hours


How to take Daclatasvir tablets

Daclatasvir tablets are used as single dose therapy

Daclatasvir should be administered with or without food


Dosage regimens

The usual prescribed dosage of Daclatasvir is 60mg, should be given in combination with sofosbuvir

Daclatasvir should be used in HCV genotype I or III infections

Genotype I:

In adult patient without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis:

The suggested dosage is 60mg of Daclatasvir with 400mg of sofosbuvir should be given as a single dose

In decompensated cirrhosis:

The usual prescribed dosage is 60mg of Daclatasvir with 400mg of sofosbuvir and weight based ribavirin should be taken as single dose

Genotype III:

In adult patient without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis:

The recommended usual dosage is 60mg of Daclatasvir with 400mg of sofosbuvir should be given as a single dose

In decompensated cirrhosis:

The usual recommended dosage is 60mg of Daclatasvir with 400mg of sofosbuvir and weight based ribavirin should be taken as single dose

The safety and effectiveness of Daclatasvir tablet in pediatric patients has not been established with <18 years

Dosage modification:

Daclatasvir with solid CYP3A inhibitors utilized, the measurement of Daclatasvir ought to be decreased into 30mg

With direct CYP3A, the measurement of Daclatasvir ought to be 90mg as a solitary dosage

With solid CYP3A inducers, utilization of Daclatasvir tablet is contraindicated

Daclatasvir caused side effects


HBV reoccurrence




Elevation of lipase



Drug interaction

Daclatasvir is a CYP3A substrate, while utilizing moderate or solid CYP3A inducers with Daclatasvir tablets may causes consumption of plasma levels and helpful impacts of Daclatasvir

Daclatasvir simultaneous use with CYP3A solid inhibitors causes height of plasma level of Daclatasvir

Daclatasvir is a P-gp, BCRP, natural anion transporting polypeptide inhibitors, while co organization of these medications with Daclatasvir causes expanding the fundamental introduction of these medications, which could raise the antagonistic impacts

Solid CYP3A inhibitors: clarithromycin, itraconazole, posaconazole, voriconazole, ketaconazole, atazanavir/ritonavir

Direct CYP3A inhibitors: ciprofloxacin, atazanavir, erythromycin, verapamil, diltiazem, fluconazole

Direct CYP3A inducers: dexamethasone, rifapentine, modafinil, efavirenz, Bosentan

Daclatasvir with amiodarone cause symptomatic bradycardia

Daclatasvir with lipid bringing down medications causes expanding the impact of centralization of lipid bringing down medications

Daclatasvir joined with acetyl sulfisoxazole may causes diminishment in digestion of Daclatasvir

Food drug interaction

No nourishment tranquilize cooperation happen, counsel with doctor about eating regimen while utilizing Daclatasvir tablet

Though home grown item enjoys st. Johns wort with Daclatasvir tablets cause loss of helpful impact of Daclatasvir

Possible contraindications

Daclatasvir concurrent use with CYP3A strong inducers, leads to depletion of virological response of Daclatasvir

Contraindicated drugs like;

v Anti convulsants phenytoin, Phenobarbital, carbamazepine

v Anti-mycobacterials rifampin

v Herbal product st Johns wort

v Anaphylactic reactions


Safety measures

Some antagonistic responses happened because of medication association, it might incorporate as;

ü  Lack of restorative impact of Daclatasvir and cause headway of obstruction

ü  Severe unfriendly impacts happened because of attending drugs

While utilizing with amiodarone, causes genuine bradycardia it is controlled by giving guidance to the speculated patients, or recommend elective drugs

Care ought to be taken while utilizing as a part of renal and hepatic disability patients, due to no dose alteration favored

There is shot of HBV reactivation in HCV/HBV co tainted patients, to maintain a strategic distance from this issue understanding must analyze by estimating HBV antigen, HBV center counter acting agent before treatment

The security and adequacy of Daclatasvir in liver transplanted patients has not been set up

Pregnancy and lactation

Daclatasvir is combined with ribavirin causes fetal damage, it should not be recommended

Ribavirin pregnancy category: X

Breast feeding should not be recommended while combining with ribavirin


Storage and handling

The storage condition of Daclatasvir tablet container should be stored at 20oC and 25oC

Container should be keep away from heat, moisture, and light


Missed dose

Daclatasvir is a professionally prescribed medication; if a patient neglect to take the measurements of Daclatasvir must counsel with restorative specialist and take the dosage at the earliest opportunity.

Generally the missed measurement ought to be skipped and take after the customary dosing plan

Over dosage

 On the off chance that over dose happens in patients who are accepting Daclatasvir tablet, essential indications ought to be checked every now and again and give steady measures.

Daclatasvir is hard to annihilate from the body since it is very bound to human plasma protein

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