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Sofosbuvir Description :

sofosbuvir directly acting anti-hepaciviral drug

Sofosbuvir is a nucleotide prodrug simple; it is a NS5B polymerase inhibitor with HCV denying action. Sofosbuvir is a functioning concoction part which is material in different brands.

Sofosbuvir isn't monotherapy; it ought to be joined with other anti-viral drugs. The treatment ought to be taken after for 12 weeks which comes about as reparable

Sofosbuvir is accessible in the quality of 400mg and the measurements type of Sofosbuvir is film covered tablet.

warning for the pateints who are taking Sofosbuvir tablet;

Test all patients for proof of present or earlier hepatitis B infection (HBV) contamination before starting treatment with sofosbuvir.

Intermitent of HBV infection has been transmit to in HCV/HBV coinfected patients who were come across or had concluded therapy with HCV backing acting antivirals and were not getting HBV antiviral treatment.

A few cases have brought about fulminant hepatitis, hepatic disappointment, and passing. Screen HCV/HBV coinfected patients for hepatitis flare or HBV reactivation amid HCV treatment and post-treatment development. Start suitable patient administration for HBV contamination as clinically demonstrated .

Sofosbuvir has conspicuous hostile to viral action, which used to treats ceaseless hepatitis C viral disease.

It is viable against hepatitis C of I, II, III and IV genotypes.

sofosbuvir is works by undergoing RNA dependent RNA polymerase inhibition causes reducing viral proliferation.

sofosbuvir is combined with ribavirin for decompensated cirrhosis condition.

Appropriate usage of sofosbuvir:

Take this medication precisely as coordinated by your specialist. Try not to take a greater amount of it, don't take it all the more regularly, and don't take it for a more drawn out time than your specialist requested.

This drug should accompany a patient data pamphlet. Read and take after the data precisely. Inquire as to whether you have any inquiries.

To enable clear to up your disease totally, sofosbuvir must be taken together with peginterferon alfa and ribavirin for the full time of treatment, regardless of whether you start to feel better following a couple of days. Likewise, it is imperative to keep the measure of pharmaceutical in your body at a consistent level. To help keep the sum consistent, sofosbuvir must be utilized on a normal timetable.

You may take this pharmaceutical with or without sustenance. In any case, you should take it a similar way each time.

List of brands available for sofosbuvir;

1. Resof - Dr.Reddy's

2. Hepcvir - Cipla

3. Sofovir - Hetero

4. Hepcinat - Natco

5. Virso - Strides

6. Myhep - Mylan

7. Sovihep- Zydus

8. Viroclear - Abbott

Drug profile

Sofosbuvir tablets are doctor prescribed pharmaceutical, not utilized usually it is utilized for the patients who are on the whole having a substantial remedy and under the direction of restorative professional

Sofosbuvir is goes under the pharmacological classification of hepatitis C infection NS5B viral RNA polymerase inhibitor

Sofosbuvir is a solitary measurement treatment, ingested quickly inside 0.5 to 2 hours after administration.

Correspond to other going before treatment, Sofosbuvir based regimens are contribute a proficient reparable rate, symptoms are lesser in go

In the vast majority of the patients, Sofosbuvir isn't joined with peg interferon in view of unfriendly impacts created by peg interferon. Despite the fact that this attendant is kept away from, the treatable rate is extraordinary rate.

Active ingredient: Sofosbuvir

Strength: 400MG

Category: Anti-hepaciviral activity

Prescribing information of Sofosbuvir

The endorsing data of Sofosbuvir tablets for the patients influenced with interminable hepatitis C disease;

Sofosbuvir is significantly shown for hepatitis C viral disease treatment by joining with other hostile to viral prescriptions.

The compelling of Sofosbuvir is set up in the genotype I, II III or IV diseases, patients who are having HIV-1/HBV co contamination.

Sofosbuvir primarily endorsed for pre-adult patients, and for pediatric patients with age of 12 years or weighing no less than 35kg in genotype II or III actuated hepatitis C disease.

Mechanism of Sofosbuvir

Sofosbuvir is a skillet genotype, HCV NS5B RNA polymerase inhibitor.

This RNA polymerase compound is associated with viral creation. Sofosbuvir is a prodrug which changed over into dynamic pharmacological metabolite by experiencing intracellular digestion.

The dynamic metabolite is known as uridine triphosphate. This metabolite is get embedded into viral RNA by HCV viral RNA polymerase and displays hostile to viral movement by chain end process


Maximum peak plasma concentration time of Sofosbuvir is 0.5 to 2 hours in-between.

Circulating metabolite peak plasma time is between 2 to 4 hours.


Sofosbuvir bounds to human plasma protein at 61 to 65% relatively; circulating metabolite has lowering binding property.


Sofosbuvir undergoing metabolism hepatically and is the substrate of P-gp & BCRP.


Sofosbuvir excretion occurs via renally by undergoing glomerular filteration.

Half life of Sofosbuvir: 0.51 hours; its metabolite has 27 hours.

How to take the Tablet Sofosbuvir

By and large Sofosbuvir is regulated with or without nourishment.

Sofosbuvir is taken as a solitary dosage

Try not to pulverize or bite the tablet, gulp down the tablet similarly as with some water

Dosage regimens

In adults:

400mg of Sofosbuvir (sofosbuvir)

The prescribed dose of Sofosbuvir by blend with different meds;

Understanding procured with genotype I, IV, V or VI ceaseless hepatitis C viral disease:

Sofosbuvir is joined with ribavirin and peg interferon alfa ought to be taken as a once a day.

Sofosbuvir and ribavirin ought to be taken if there should be an occurrence of patients are bothersome to take peg interferon alfa.

Patients endured with genotype II ceaseless hepatitis C:

Sofosbuvir ought to be joined with ribavirin as a solitary dose

Patients with genotype III hepatitis:

Sofosbuvir joined with ribavirin and peg interferon alfa and it ought to be taken as a solitary dose

Generally Sofosbuvir with ribavirin ought to be taken as single dose

In liver transplantation:

Sofosbuvir ought to be simultaneously utilized with ribavirin as a single dose until liver transmission.

In pediatric:

Sofosbuvir tablet is recommended for the children at age 12 or weight of at least 35kg;

In without cirrhosis or with child Pugh A or compensated:

The recommended dosage is one tablet of Sofosbuvir should be combined with weight based ribavirin as a single dose for 12 weeks

In decompensated cirrhosis:

The prescribed dosage of Sofosbuvir is one tablet should be used with ribavirin for 24 weeks

Ribavirin dosage:

Ribavirin is recommended to take in two divided doses only with food

Initial dose 600mg slowly increased up to 100mg per day in weight less than 75kg

1200mg should be taken per day with the weight at least 75kg

In pediatric ribavirin dosage;

<47kg: 15mg/kg/day

47 to 49kg: 600mg/day

50 to 65kg: 800mg/day

66 to 80kg: 1000mg/day

>80kg: 1200mg/day

No dosage adjustment is followed in the therapy using Sofosbuvir in case of renal and hepatic impairment.

Sofosbuvir caused side effects

General side effects of Sofosbuvir;






HBV reactivation





Fever, chills



Loss of appetite




Influenza like syndrome


Drug interactions

Sofosbuvir is a substrate of P-gp and BCRP transporters. While utilizing Sofosbuvir with P-gp or BCRP solid inducers like rifampin or st Johns wort may causes diminishing the plasma convergence of sofosbuvir. Accordingly the outcomes consumption of restorative impact of Sofosbuvir

Sofosbuvir co organization with P-gp or BCRP inhibitors, causes expanding the plasma convergence of Sofosbuvir

Sofosbuvir with comforting medication like modafinil causes diminishing the impact of grouping of Sofosbuvir.

While joining with Sofosbuvir with amiodarone, no impact of fixation happens yet symptomatic bradycardia happens

Sofosbuvir with vitamin K rival, vary the impact of vitamin K adversary

Sofosbuvir with anticonvulsants like phenytoin, Phenobarbital or carbamazepine causes diminishing the impact of Sofosbuvir

Sofosbuvir with hostile to mycobacterials causes consumption essentially of grouping of Sofosbuvir

Food drug interaction

No food drug interaction occurs while taking Sofosbuvir, but caution should be taken during therapy

Diet should be followed under the guidance of physician

Drug with herbal interaction occurs like; Sofosbuvir with st Johns wort may cause depletion of therapeutic effect of Sofosbuvir

Possible contraindications

Sofosbuvir tablet joined with ribavirin or peg interferon alfa, contraindicated to pregnancy condition

Extremely hypersensitivity response deliver on account of patients contraindicated to the Sofosbuvir tablet

Safety measures

Use with alert in decompensated condition; ribavirin ought to be joined with Sofosbuvir. Ribavirin causes fetal variations from the norm and demise. In pregnancy condition ribavirin not prescribed

Sofosbuvir joined with P-gp or BCRP stable inducers prompting loss of helpful impact. Evade this mix.

While attending amiodarone with Sofosbuvir, understanding must guidance about the introduction of this mix, then again some elective meds ought to be endorsed to diminish the danger of symptomatic bradycardia

In HIV-1/HBV co contaminated patients, HBV reactivation happens amid or after the treatment, to maintain a strategic distance from this issue tolerant must inspect to figure the level of HBV surface antigen and HBV center immune response before beginning the treatment

Pregnancy and lactation

Sofosbuvir comes under pregnancy category B1

Ribavirin should not be suggested in pregnancy

While Sofosbuvir joined with ribavirin in ceaseless condition, ribavirin has pregnancy classification X; which implies causes fetal harm even to death

Breast feeding should not be recommended

Storage and handling

The storage condition of Sofosbuvir tablets;

Sofosbuvir tablet container stored at room temperature below 30oC

Container should be kept in dry and cool place, free from moisture, heat & light

Keep out of reach from children

The shelf life of the tablet is around 5 years

Missed dose

Sofosbuvir is a professionally prescribed prescription, if understanding neglect to take the measurements of Sofosbuvir must counsel with doctor and take the dosage inside the time

Generally the missed dosage ought to be skipped and take after the customary dosing plan

Medication plan: doctor prescribed drug

Over dosage

The greatest dosage of sofosbuvir is 1200mg, there is no particular counteracting is required for over measurements of Sofosbuvir.

In the events that overdose happens in the patients two conceivable approaches to defeat from this trouble;

1.       Patients first affirmed from the poisonous quality and Patients ought to be intermittently observed for their side effects and clinical status. To keep up security measures appropriately

2.       Hemodialysis is another technique which is associated with over dose condition; dominatingly dispose of the sofosbuvir flowing metabolite substance from the body with isolating at the scope of 54%

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