Myhep dvir (Anti-hepatitis drug)

Manufactured by : Mylan Pharmaceuticals

Myhep dvir tablet comprises of two most prominent active substances which will exhibits anti-viral activity against hepatitis C viral infection.

Two components like;

Sofosbuvir; Daclatasvir

Myhep dvir tablet is manufactured by Natco pharma, which is approved by FDA and it is first established product comes under the combination of sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir.

Usually Daclatasvir is not used as monotherapy; it must be concomitant with sofosbuvir for potent anti-viral activity.

Myhep dvir is a single dose therapy, with minimal adverse effects.

Myhep dvir has better effectiveness in chronic hepatitis condition.

Myhep dvir safety precautions;

Use cautiously in the patients who are suspected with HBV infection, there is a chance of elevating the exposure of HBV reoccurrence in the patient co infected with HCV & HBV

Serious bradycardia occurs while concurrent use of Myhep dvir tablet with amiodarone

Increasing risk of loss of therapeutic effect occurs while concurrently use Myhep dvir tablet with P-gp inducers or inhibitors

Severe adverse may occur due to drug interaction, to prevent this problem avoid this type of combinational therapy.

Myhep dvir used for:

The primary indications of Myhep dvir tablets are;

Involved in advance or long lasting hepatitis C viral infection mainly associated to genotype I or III.

The only drawback occurred in Myhep dvir tablet taking patients;

There is a chance of reduction in virological response rate in patients who are all receiving Myhep dvir for 12 weeks in HCV genotype III conditions.

The usage of Myhep dvir is only occurred in adolescents; not in pediatric patients.

The potency of Myhep dvir tablet has not been evaluated in pediatric patients.

Myhep dvir dosage recommendation;

Before starting the therapy with Myhep dvir tablets, patient undergone hepatic function test and examine the lab measurements.

If patient suspected with HBV infection, must be investigate by counting the hepatitis B surface antigen & hepatitis B core antibody.

Myhep dvir tablet is containing 60mg of Daclatasvir & 400mg of sofosbuvir.

The usual dosage of Myhep dvir is one tablet to be given orally as once a day.

The drug should be given with or without food.

.Dosage recommendation of Ribavirin;

Patient with HCV related genotype I or III: The recommended dose of ribavirin is 600mg should be taken as an initial dose, followed by increasing up to 1000mg.

Patient with compensated cirrhosis: The dosage of ribavirin should be based on the body weight of the patients.

Based on the weight of the HCV suspected patients;

At least 75kg given 1200mg of ribavirin

< 75kg given 1000mg

be takenRibavirin should be administered with or without food.

side effects causing;

Pruritus ; Asthenia ; Anemia ; Loss of appetite ; Flu like syndrome ; Pyrexia ; Neutropenia ; Myalgia ; Irritability ; Pancytopenia ; Increase level of bilirubin, creatine kinase, lipase, AST & ALT ; HBV reoccurrence may occurs

Serious bradycardia while combining with amiodarone

Myhep dvir exhibits anti-viral activity by;

Myhep Dvir in addition to tablet has two segments Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir


Sofosbuvir is a prohibitor of nucleotide simple, particularly precludes HCV non-auxiliary protein 5B RNA subordinate RNA polymerase. Sofosbuvir experience intracellular digestion, which deliver pharmacologically dynamic compound like uridine simple triphosphate. Sofosbuvir mediated into RNA of hepatitis C infection with the assistance of NS5B polymerase.This may goes about as chain eliminator.


Non basic 5A protein is fundamental for viral duplication. Daclatasvir meddle with the action of NS5A protein, this may prompts viral annihilation.


No contraindication occurs, while concurrently used with ribavirin are contraindicated to pregnancy.

Some anaphylactic reactions may occur due to the patients are contraindicated to the components present in the Myhep dvir tablet.

Pregnancy and Lactation

Myhep dvir is safe to use in pregnancy condition.

Myhep dvir is combined with ribavirin causes some fetal damage.

Avoid this concomitant during pregnancy

Breast feeding should not be recommended.

Myhep dvir tablet container should be kept at temperature below 30oC

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